Why is Performance Clutch Necessary in Racing?

performance clutch is very highly desired in racing due to the fact that the temperature or the level of power that is observed by a normal clutch system may exceed the threshold at which a clutch disc can operate. Tolerating heat may not be possible if there is an extensive use of the normal clutch. Increase in the disc temperature may make it to work less efficiently till cooling is provided to it. If not, this may result in overheating or failure and that is unwarranted in a race. Even within the operating temperature, if grabbing is tough then that means that the clamping force is not sufficient to meet the desired power level and hence a clutch of performance type may be required. Some other properties are also discussed here.

• The launching control is highly required – In a drag race, it is very important to have a nice grab during the start. In case there is any slipping, the clamping force may be needed to be made more heavily and the Sachs performance clutches can be the perfect answer for it. These clutches are also made in a way that if any slip may be needed during the start, likewise material is used for its manufacture that can handle the accompanying heat. All these things are looked into detail at Sachs due to which any type of racing can be adequately addressed through these clutches.
• Some materials may be better than the other – Modifying a clutch kit is application specific. Though higher power can be transmitted over a longer duration but the engagement might not be that well. Therefore, organic material should be chosen for making the best clutch system that can aid in pedaling and make the whole driving process a delight for the racer.
These clutches are very much used in racing all over the world and therefore Sachs has helped the racers in their endeavor and is hence highly regarded for it.