What’s Carrageenan Important?

What’s Carrageenan Important?
With more than 7 billion people to feed on world, it’s more important than ever that we have a dependable, safe worldwide food source. carrageenan is a food component which helps to bring about foods and drinks which are healthy and affordable for customers, can travel distances safely and arrive undamaged and enable people around the world to get access to and enjoy the foods they’ve come to appreciate.

While only a food component that replaces fat and sugar and provides texture, carrageenan could be seen as among several hydrocolloids which have some effect on the future of the food source.

Food Security
Hunger is a persistent problem impacting the worldwide community, particularly in third world nations.
According to the FAO’s report on food insecurity, “The most recent available estimates imply that about 795million individuals in the world–just over one in nine–were undernourished in 2014-16.”

With nearly 10 percent of the planet’s people not using the foods that they want, it is important we are in a position to provide healthful meals to people in remote places. Carrageenan is used to keep the ethics of shelf-stable foods and drinks. These products are then able to travel larger distances, frequently with no requirement for refrigeration, and appear undamaged and beneficial to people who would not otherwise have access to them.

Water Quality
Especially in developing nations and people in drought-prone places, access to safe, clean water isn’t necessarily trustworthy.
“More than 30 nations are involved in ‘water wars’ and 145 nations share lakes and river basins, the usage of which is governed by more than 300 concerted agreements between countries. In Africa, a quarter of the populace already suffer from chronic water stress and water is increasingly being viewed as a source of potential conflict between countries eager to protect their future harvests.”

In environments with inconsistent water supplies, many times it is the most vulnerable which are most affected. In applications like liquid baby formula, carrageenan is a vital ingredient in providing nutrient-dense, safe formula which may be consumed without the requirement for extra water just like powdered alternatives.

Economic Inequality
Food costs are increasing. Carrageenan is qualified for use in organic food applications. Since it’s more cost-efficient than other ingredients, food manufactures can create organic products more affordable, and therefore, more accessible.