What all factors contribute in getting more ONZCoin

ONZCoin is a concept which is unique in itself. The integration of social media with the DPOS Block chain technology. Who could have ever thought of transforming the appreciation on social media into something such as crypto currency. The currency will be called as ONZ Coin. These coin will be DPOS ICO . They are not going to be having any physical presence but they will be having the same properties as that of a physical currency.

The concept is indeed unique in every sense and the team is working hard to bring the idea into execution. The thing which holds significance here is to ponder on the fact that what all factors are going to be crucial in getting more ONZ Coin. There are majorly four factors that hold importance. They are listed below.
• The first and obvious factor is how active an individual is on a particular social media platform. Since there are large number of platforms available and most of the times one platform is preferred over other so this factor is important.
• Second is how many followers or friends an individual have. The more the number of followers, the higher is the popularity and more are the chances of ONZ coin.
• Third is how engaging your content or presence is on particular social media. It simply means how many people appreciate your work.
• Fourth is the social asset. Social asset involves original content. The more original and good your content, the higher are the chances of popularity and of course ONZ Coin.
The above are the major factors. Once the project will be implemented successfully, then it is going to be fun to see how everyone is going to make use of it. It is definitely going to a great experience in itself. However, to make all this true, support the team through DPOS ICO. All related information is present on the website.