The methods of Extracting Email

An Email Extractor is a free tool which is used for the extraction of the emails. It is useful for many users which want to archive the important email addresses. The emails are archived by the extraction of important address data. The email works by the scraping of the email addresses from the source which are constant resources locators of URLs and different keywords. The Email Scraper works to look for a specific website page for an email, scanning the URLs. These are saved for the use in later cases.

The keyword method has the process of the extractor of probing through the site returned to the Google or Bing search result. However, the data of only first ten pages are extracted from the site. The engines like Google and Bing return the data ranging around 40 pages and Email Extractor Online yanks the data from only first ten pages. The small extractor performs its work in two ways namely scan method and site method.

• Deep scan method: in this method the Email Extractor worked by operating through the web pages. Moreover it not just collects the available data on the surface, but it penetrates through the different levels of the website. There are total four levels and by penetrating all these levels the extractor finds the information on all the sites connected to the actual site. It performs all this by extracting the data from search engines which return the data which is based on the keywords result.

• Site only method: The email extraction through site only method work in a different manner than the deep scan method. The site only method scans the URLs which are only found in the page linked with the site information entered by the user. The Email Extractor can save all the data found.