In the past, the fashion industry always overlooked the oversized category of clothing and plus size people had a difficult time trying to find clothes that fit them perfectly. Generally, it takes a lot of effort for anybody to find the right type of clothes to wear. Plus size clothes are even more difficult to find and the term itself sounds rude. Things are however changing today due to the emergence and wide adoption of online shopping. According to Ariane Slinger, online shopping and its convenience has led to an increase in demand and supply of oversized or plus size clothing.

People who had the stigma of buying plus size clothes locally can now conveniently and anonymously buy them online. The plus size clothing category has come a long way. According to Ariane Slinger, choices for plus size clothes have always been limited. However, this is now being addressed by players in the fashion industry due to the fact that the number of overweight people has been increasing across the globe in recent years. The increase in number of overweight people has led to high demand for plus size clothes and this is why it is easy to find these clothes online.
There are many players in the fashion industry, a factor that has created stiff competition within the industry. Today, this competition is forcing more and more fashion retailers to target specialized markets and the plus size market has benefited immensely. Fashion companies that have ventured into the plus size fashion industry are now offering clothing items that range from XL to 5XL in size. Experts in the clothing and fashion industry such as Ariane Slinger have also noted that the plus size category is a potential market that offers many opportunities for upcoming fashion designers and retailers. This is why more retailers are investing huge amounts of money to design and produce plus size clothes.