The home is an important place for everyone, if not the most important. This is why most people will spend everything that they can afford to ensure that their house is in the best shape. The idea of how much you spend on your home will start from planning before the construction of the house.

Of course, you know that the choice of the building materials that you select will greatly influence how much you will spend on the project. But, while you think about the cost, it will be nice if you carry along in your mind the aesthetic aspect of the project.

It would not be nice if you will have to worry about beautifying the house after that you have spent a fortune trying to bring everything together. So, right from the beginning, you should consider such materials that would give you a financial and aesthetic satisfaction right from your planning board.

For this reason, nothing works better than the sawn timber (Saematerjal) materials. If you need a construction material that will be long-lasting. Such that will give you and your guest (anytime you have one) a very warm welcome. Nothing is as good as the wood materials.

Making this choice actually solve half the problem of construction. Then, the next thing you have to worry about will be the choice of wood that you will get for the construction purposes. There, you should know that there are thousand and one wood materials that would do just fine for a good home.

But you need the one that will suit your taste of fashion, color, durability, texture and the likes. It may be a little tasking to get the particular type of wood that will fit into your taste for all of the factors that you may want to consider. But, you should know that it is not impossible. Make your choice of floor board (põrandalaud) known to the best contractor and you will have the best.