These days a very common line used by youngsters is ‘I am depressed’ when they don’t feel good or feel sad. Most of the people don’t even know and don’t realize the enormity of the word “Depression” and use that word as substitute to sadness. And often we think that depression is nothing but an extreme sadness or when we faced any disaster, heart break we always feel that we depressed. But depression is not only relate with sadness, if it is not treated properly it can ruin your lives and harm you.

There are some most common symptoms of Depression:
• Fatigue
• Lack or excess of Appetite
• Reckless behavior
• Unexplained anger or guilt
• Thought of suicide and death
• Self-loathing, self-hate
• Sudden weight gain or loss
• Insomnia or excessive sleep
• Getting upset easily
• Crying for no reason

If you see any above of the above (5) symptoms then it is advisable you to visit a doctor, counsellor or psychiatrist. Andif your doctor advise you to take neurofolin which help you to support your dietary management of depression as it contains 15mg of L – methyIfolate which is a form of folate and helps in support the mood regulating chemicals in brain as Serotonin and noradrenaline. It can be taken along with any antidepressant or alone as advised by your physician or doctor. Take one sachet of Neurofolin daily dissolved completely with plain water.It does not contain any harmful chemicals, not any artificial colors or flavors. This product (Neurofolin) is Made in Australia and made from imported ingredients. And it is suitable for vegans.

Make sure that you use Neurofolin under medical supervision and don’t take if you are allergic or hypersensitive to any of the ingredients listed on the product backside. You can get all the details of Neurofolin on their official website