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HDTV Antenna Guide

This primer can help you to decide on the best hd antenna for your specific scenario, and installation tips.

Keep in mind that each scenario differs, as many variables are included, so there is not one antenna that can work for all. Do research and your homework which antenna will work best for your specific scenario. When you have your antenna correctly installed and therefore are getting free over the air high-definition television transmissions, you may believe it was worth all of the time an energy you invested.


Over the Air (OTA) High Definition (HD) digital transmissions are free to get, as are present analog stations. Nevertheless, total-power analog stations stopped airing at midnight on June 12th, 2009 (once February 17th, 2009) and then all television programming became digital in America. Digital programs supply movie-quality picture and audio in addition to interactive abilities, with higher resolution programming in a widescreen format. OTA antennas give you the perfect High Definition image, because OTA signals do not need signal compression to arrive at your home.

What Kind of Antenna:Begin by seeing with one or all of the 3 websites given below, to locate the local station information:

Antenna Web:http://www.AntennaWeb.org- enter your street address and click Submit. Subsequent to the station list is created, choose the “Show Digital Stations Only” radio button.

Antenna Point:http://www.AntennaPoint.com- input your address to create a Visual Map of your closest transmitting towers and a list of station information.

DTV.gov:http://www.fcc.gov/mb/engineering/maps/- input your address to create DTV Reception Maps that show signal strength amounts.

Collect Info(from the preceding 3 websites):Use the station(s) space, direction and frequency bands to determine the sort of antenna desired