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The best online store of ear gauges, So Scene

Anyone who has begun the process of stretching the earlobe knows the importance of acquiring a suitable ear gauges kit so as not to suffer unnecessary damage to the skin. With So Scene products you can save time and money.

The stretching kits are made of different materials so you can choose the one that best suits you, stainless steel, titanium or acrylic. Their prices range between $ 9 and $ 30, depending on the number of pieces you wish to purchase. Each one has two candles and several jewels that you can use progressively.
This type of jewelry is measured in calibers, ranging from 20 to 00. Larger pieces are measured in inches or millimeters. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with these indicators to properly choose each piece.
The ear gauges items you can find in So Scene is of the highest quality and can be made of glass, silicone, stainless steel, acrylic and organic materials such as fluorite, druzy, jade, opal, abalone and wood. Likewise, they can be of tunnel type, simple or flared plug and plugs. Sizes range from 8 gauge to 51 mm.
The designs of the ear gauges are almost unlimited and adapt to different occasions and look, some of the most attractive pieces are:
• Gold earplugs, in the shape of a, rose with center and petals of the purple color gem. They are sold in pairs and are available from caliber 0 and up to 20 millimeters. The cost: 27 dollars.
• Earplugs with rainbow shell design, in stainless steel with gems and flare. Sold in pairs and available from size 0 to 25 millimeters. The cost: 20 dollars.
All orders of So Scene have completely free shipping to improve the customer’s shopping experience. The best place to buy the ideal ear gauges is in So Scene.

Advantages of using high quality ear gauges

Choosing to have body art or piercing done in your body is a choice you make. While some choose to have these done to reflect their personality there are others who choose to do so for fashion. They try to set a trend rolling with the way in which they look and how they portray themselves with the crowd that they move around with. This takes a lot of effort from the individual and they go through a considerable amount of pain as well depending on the type of things they want to do with their body. One of the most trending things that people do these days is to wear Ear gauges. The process of wearing an ear gauge takes a lot of time and is a process which involves patience. One has to first get a hold of an earlobe stretching kit which can enable them to slowly stretch their earlobes. This is what would ensure safe and secure stretching of their earlobes in a bid to wear suitable ear gauges. Often ear stretching balm is used while the process is in progress when it comes to having a person’s ear stretched.

There are said to be many advantages of using high quality ear gauges for a person. This is because gauges made of high quality are the ones which can reduce the chances of a person having an infection due to a piercing. The quality of an ear gauge varies from person to person. While one may be best suited to use plastic the other one may be suited to use metal. So depending on whichever suits you best you can choose your type of gauges which you can use to look fashionable. You can look through ear stretching guides which are available on the internet which can give you valuable inputs on how to go about the process.