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Chondrus crispus

What are your favourite foods and drinks? You’ll find several choices out there, but you cannot blow off cottage cheese and your preferred chocolate milk out of your list. Yet, something comes to your head. Could it be good to have your preferred foods? What would you think in regards to the fixings?

* What You Have to Understand

Within your chosen foods, there is carrageenan. This fixing comes from red seaweed. It grows in the Atlantic Ocean near North America, Continental Europe and Britain. Hundred years back, Irish used the extract of the seaweed for medicine and cooking. Afterwards, the factories are used it until now. It’s not difficult to get the extract and the procedure is earth friendly. You may not need to be concerned about carrageenan. It will not damage your and is organic. The regulatory authorities in every area of the planet including america, Japan, China, Brazil states carrageenan is not dangerous for foods.

You should be aware of the functions inside the foods after knowing what is carrageenan. The infusions of carrageenan are used for four principal reasons. First, the extract is functioned to thicken things, for example in pancake syrup, marshmallow, and ice cream. Then, the extract helps without splitting the liquids to remain blended together. The well-known example is chocolate in chocolate milk. The next reason is to alter the feel. The food factories use carrageenan to help make the feel thicker and more chewy. No surprise, the yogurt and cottage cheese has creamy and smooth feel, thanks to carrageenan. Also, crystals stabilizes. They prevent ice or sugar from crystallizing process. With such functions that are impressive, carrageenan is a present in the ocean.

All about Carrageenan

It is impossible to find any product, whichdoes not have carrageenan in it. Whether it is a grocery store or some daily use food products such as organic yogurt, coconut milk, tofu, or baby formulas carrageenan can be easily found in it. However, still there are many people who do not know what is Carrageenan?

It is basically a thickening material that is used in foods. Often, it is debated about the Carrageenan side effects. But you need to know that it is safe to use. It does not cause carrageenan cancer.
What is Carrageenan?
Carrageenan is an additive used in your daily foods as a thickener. It is derived from red algae or seaweeds and is used continuously in food preparation. Carrageenan is primarily found in artificial milk products such as coconut milk or almond milk. It is also used for medication purpose or in treatment of coughs, tuberculosis, bronchitis, intestinal problems and ulcers. It is helpful in smoothing the digestive system and can be taken as laxative. It is also used in weight loss products.
Is it safe?
Many people have stated that taking Carrageenan on a regular basis has caused them problems related to digestive system, skin rashes and other many problems and raised questions regarding is Carrageenan safe. Many people have raised the questions on the medical capability of Carrageenan but lab tests have proven taking a large amount of degraded carrageenan has resulted in intestinal damage in many test species. Therefore, it is stated that degraded carrageenan is not as same as usual carrageenan used in food products. Degraded carrageenan is a specially designed carrageenan, which is not used in food products and was found harmful. Taking food grade carrageenan does not cause any damage or malfunctions in your digestive system or intestines. Food graded carrageenan breaks into poligeenan during the digestion of food, which is beneficial and easy to digest. The JECKFA has also stated that continuous use of food grade carrageenan causes no damage to your body and they have listed it as “Daily acceptable intake”.

What is Carrageenan?

In case you have ever purchased store-bought almond or coconut milk, then you may have found an ingredient called carrageenan about the carton. This hard-to-pronounce small food additive is the reason why I make my own homemade vanilla milk and homemade coconut milk, however it seems there is a lot of confusion in relation to this small known ingredient.

Carrageenans are a family of linear Sulfated polysaccharides that are derived from red edible seaweeds. They are often used in the food industry, because of their gelling, thickening, and anti inflammatory properties.

Edible seaweeds, such As kelp and Nori, correct? Not too far…
It is Extremely Important to be mindful that Carrageenan is not Digestible and doesn’t have any nutritional value. It is often used as it soothes and emulsifies products and it is often utilized in organic and “organic” products.

It might seem a simple product based on seaweed should become non-menacing, which I wish it’d been. This Report describes some of the Probable problems:

Though originated from a pure source, it Seems to be especially bad for the digestive tract, triggering an immune reaction like your body has when affected by pathogens like Salmonella. The result “It causes inflammation, which might lead to ulcerations and bleeding,” describes veteran researcher Joanne Tobacman, MD, associate professor of clinical medicine in the University Of Illinois School Of Medicine at Chicago. She states that the meals element irritates by sparking a resistant response which dials up inflammation. Her previous work demonstrated that a seeing connection between carrageenan and pancreatic cancer in lab animals, and she’s involved in continuing research funded from the National Institutes of Health that is investigating carrageenan’s effect on esophageal disorders and other disorders such as cardiovascular disease.

The problem n food-grade carrageenan isn’t new. Beginning From the 1960s, scientists started linking the element to gastrointestinal disease in lab animals, including ulcerative colitis, gastrointestinal lesions, and colon cancer.

To make things slightly more complicated, there are just two types: degraded and undegraded carrageenan. Technically, undegraded has been qualified for use in foods, while degraded is not.

What’s Carrageenan Important?

What’s Carrageenan Important?
With more than 7 billion people to feed on world, it’s more important than ever that we have a dependable, safe worldwide food source. carrageenan is a food component which helps to bring about foods and drinks which are healthy and affordable for customers, can travel distances safely and arrive undamaged and enable people around the world to get access to and enjoy the foods they’ve come to appreciate.

While only a food component that replaces fat and sugar and provides texture, carrageenan could be seen as among several hydrocolloids which have some effect on the future of the food source.

Food Security
Hunger is a persistent problem impacting the worldwide community, particularly in third world nations.
According to the FAO’s report on food insecurity, “The most recent available estimates imply that about 795million individuals in the world–just over one in nine–were undernourished in 2014-16.”

With nearly 10 percent of the planet’s people not using the foods that they want, it is important we are in a position to provide healthful meals to people in remote places. Carrageenan is used to keep the ethics of shelf-stable foods and drinks. These products are then able to travel larger distances, frequently with no requirement for refrigeration, and appear undamaged and beneficial to people who would not otherwise have access to them.

Water Quality
Especially in developing nations and people in drought-prone places, access to safe, clean water isn’t necessarily trustworthy.
“More than 30 nations are involved in ‘water wars’ and 145 nations share lakes and river basins, the usage of which is governed by more than 300 concerted agreements between countries. In Africa, a quarter of the populace already suffer from chronic water stress and water is increasingly being viewed as a source of potential conflict between countries eager to protect their future harvests.”

In environments with inconsistent water supplies, many times it is the most vulnerable which are most affected. In applications like liquid baby formula, carrageenan is a vital ingredient in providing nutrient-dense, safe formula which may be consumed without the requirement for extra water just like powdered alternatives.

Economic Inequality
Food costs are increasing. Carrageenan is qualified for use in organic food applications. Since it’s more cost-efficient than other ingredients, food manufactures can create organic products more affordable, and therefore, more accessible.