In past times the news arrived with months of delay, the means that to make them arrive was through the messengers who had to travel very long distances to spread the event and make it public. With the invention of the telegraph, the sending of news was made agiler, and then the written mail and the press could help to put the information on paper and distribute it.

Thanks to the human being have not stopped looking for new ways to communicate, the computer was invented and with it all the benefits we have today. It can be said that each person has the tools that the world of computing offers to make their life easier.
One of them is Facebook, which keeps us in touch with friends and family, but this tool is renewed and perfected more and more with the introduction of the chatbot. Currently, we create a chatbot maker, which is nothing more than a robot that helps promote the fan page of each one.
In your facebook chatbot you can do a lot of tasks automatically, in the Facebook Messenger bot you will be informed in a timely manner, thanks to the programming of your chatbot online, you can chat online with many clients, offer services and answer questions, make marketing campaigns to your company, etc.
One of the created of this wonderful instrument is called Amico, on its website you will find all the steps to enter this new world. There is explained in a simple way the operation of this robot that will make life easier for us since it will do everything we need just by programming it for it.
This Argentine company has the most advanced technology to help you enter your Messenger and start using this innovative tool now. Visit our website and enjoy this amazing new way of communication!