For a couple of years ago I owned a Kitchenaid blender, and got A lot of excellent use out of it. Kitchenaid claims are the most effective blender on the present marketplace, in.9 horsepower and approximately 670 watts.
And for a “pattern” blender, that is really a great Deal of electricity. But…beyond that the blenders offered in several department and discount stores is an entirely different category of “super blenders,” in which two strong machines fight it out for top honors.

We’re talking here about electricity in a completely different league: blenders that think up most anything in 2- to 3-horsepower and 1300 to 1500 watts. We’re talking here about the best vitamix and its more recent challenger, the Blendtec.
I still recall when a relative came to stay at our location and brought together her Vitamix. The thing would liquefy any combination of even fibrous vegetables…carrots, lettuce, celery, leafy greens, reds…and you are able to throw in fruit with skin, seeds, and each of a smoothie machine par excellence. But it would also grind corn subsequently bake bread right in the container. It might go another warmth management and make ice cream, sorbets, and other desserts. It generated hot peppers, again, right at the jar (or carafe, as many want to call it).
Yes, I was impressed. The Vitamix was that the King of this Hill.
However, these times, the best vitamix has competition in the form of this Blendtec (earlier called the K-Tec). In which the Vitamix includes 2 hp, the Blendtec comprises 3 hp. But electricity isn’t everything, and also the Vitamix nevertheless has particular attributes that some think exceptional to the Blendtec. Much like at the PC versus Mac face-off, each electricity blender has its own very own die-hard fans. Some like the tamper the Vitamix includes, which lets you push food down to the blades. Others don’t. Some like the digital pushbutton controllers of the Blendtec others don’t. Those considering these competing super blenders will have to perform their own homework and completely compare both, in order to discover which matches their requirements best.