How Do Timeshares Work? What Is Their Worth in Comparison to some Travel Club?

My lovely wife, Nancy, and I really like to travel… a lot!!
We have taken over 70 excursions & vacations together in just more than 8 years as a few, so we have got a little adventure being tourists and in holiday mode.
Over the years we’d learned about timeshare vacation packages many occasions and was solicited to proceed to demonstrations for freebies however we never bothered…

…not really certain why not?
Perhaps it was the idea of wasting a few hours of our holiday getting pitched to invest a lot of money, possibly it was the idea of it being a lot of cash or we did not wish to keep traveling to a single property all the time, etc..
Whatever it had been, we just simply never went into a demonstration… was not worth a free dinner or tickets.
But within the last 18 months, as we have been traveling about to amazing places in Hawaii, California, Arizona & Florida, we have been staying at several fantastic hotels through an International Travel Club that we are members of and we have talked to a lot of timeshare owners (there are a number of these) staying in the very same places…
…and we have been chatting it up with a number of those people trying to determine why they purchased, if they enjoyed it/disliked it, etc..
Fundamentally, we guessed it was time for us to determine whether a timeshare can benefit us together with all the travel we do.
So with this said, in Las Vegas a few months before, we took the plunge and moved into a demonstration.
(Side note: The 150 in dining coupons we had been offered to visit the demonstration had nothing to do with us attending… we just wished to learn and could have seriously contemplated buying if it made sense.
Suggestion: Our recommendation is never to attend a Timeshare demonstration for “the present”… if you are not interested, you’ll be wasting a few hours of your holiday and you’ll be placing yourself at a high-income earnings scenario… we’re there for 4 hours, Though they stated 90 minutes maximum, and they stated no pressure sales up front but let us just say, which Wasn’t so)