How do the game’s designers make games (العاب) interesting?

The development and advancements are made continuously in every field of the world. The game is also the part of this development. The game designers and makers are using the different techniques and technologies in the making the Games (العاب). The graphics and the stages of the games are designed carefully and by using the creativity and imagination, the game designers are designing the games that are simply amazing and fantastic. The new innovations and changes are continuously made in the games like the new stages and the challenges are developed in the different games so that the interest of the player should be maintained and the people do not get bored.

The gamedesigners are the artist that understands the nature of the human beings and they made the games by keeping in mind the psychology of the people of the different age, sex, and culture. Therefore, the varieties of the game ranges are available in the market and internet and one can easily choose the game of one’s interest from the endless collections of the games (العاب).

The interest of the player is held by the games (العاب) by incorporating the different features in the games. These features can be made in such a way that they have the effect on the player’s senses and cause the sense-pleasure to the players like the beautiful and eye-catching graphics and the musical effects that increase the awareness of the player and helps in attracting players. The narrative games are liked by the people because the designers have made the games in a manner that each stage reveals a point of story and this curiosity of people about knowing the next point of the story keep them interested in the game and the people do not weary off from the games (العاب).