Skiathos- more than just a pretty island

Skiathos- a beautiful island with a rich history

Skiathos is a small picturesque Greek island in the northwest Aegean Sea that, just like the rest of Greece, has charm and an allure to it that very few other places can match. Like many other places in the ancient country of Greece, Skiathos has also played its part in history.

During the wars of Persian, a storm hit the enormous Persian fleet of King Xerxes. It was completed damages on the rocks of the Skiathos coast. This allowed the Greeks to blockade the route ahead of the Persians and prevent them from invading the mainland and resupplying their army who were trying to take the crucial pass at Thermopylae. The weakened Persian fleet was also soon defeated by the Greeks in a naval battle and the Greeks began to turn the tide of the war. Thus, Skiathos in its own way was part of changing the course of the war.

Skiathos kept being a part of history as Venetian forces invaded and captured it in 1207 and built a fortress here. It was also attacked and conquered by the Ottoman forces during the 1500s. Yet again, this island played an important role in Greek history during the Greek war of independence against the Ottomans. The beautiful and majestic Evangelistria Monastery was built here during the early 1700s by monks from Athos. This monastery became a hideout place for Greek rebels and the 1st flag of Greece was created as well as hoisted here during the war. Even after the war, the island became an important part of Modern Greece as well as it became an important ship building center due to the plenty of pine forests on the island.

Skiathos villas for your stay at this historical island

All this history is apart from the fact that the island itself is a beautiful sight to marvel and truly looks like the place where civilization began. So if you are planning to take a trip that is a bit different from any other, book a luxury villa in Skiathos right now and witness where history was made and vacation in style.

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